13 June 2011

Thirsties Duo Diaper size 1

   Here are my thoughts on the Thirsties Duo Diaper size 1 (in the cute ocean blue color) I bought both a size 1 and 2 for my 2 boys, I will be reviewing how the size 1 did on my now 12 week old baby boy.  I will do the size 2 next.  Let me start off by saying, I love this diaper.  It holds in poo wonderfully.  It is very absorbant.  And also comes in cute colors and prints. :-)  Gotta love the cute cloth bottoms. hehe. So here goes:

This diaper is sized from 6-18lbs.  My little one started wearing it at 10lbs he is now 13 lbs and we have only used the middle rise setting and I believe we will be moving to the largest setting next time we wear it.  Next time this is clean I will add a picture of it on the largest setting for you. I love that insert comes out in the wash, you don't have to pull it out when putting in your pail.  It has a big size pocket opening, so even a daddy could stuff it. There is elastic not only on the legs and back, but on the front as well.  There are leg gussets to hold in the poo, and they work quite well. I love leg gusset's on a diaper. I did not use this on my baby as a newborn as I just got it about 5 weeks ago.  But I think that on the first rise setting it would've fit well on my 8lb newborn, unlike the OS dipes I had. 

Here it is on the smallest setting. 

Here is the middle rise setting: 

Here is the largest rise setting:

Here are the soakers snapped together.  The one on top is the hemp/cotton one.  When putting in the diaper put the microfiber side up and the hemp one towards the PUL. The hemp will hold a lot of liquid, while the microfiber will absorb quickly.  This combination works really well together.  

Here are the soakers unsnapped  lying side by side.

Here is a picture of the Aplix. This diaper only comes in Aplix, but it's a pretty decent.  I have a duo wrap in aplix that has been used quite a bit and it has held up really well. The laundry tabs do hold them well.

This diaper is definitely trim, it helps that the Thirsties are a 2 size system. Not all the excess bulk you can get from a OS (which I don't find to be a problem, but some people don't like that). 

Here is the diaper on the 2nd rise setting on my 13lbish son.  It could almost go up to the next rise setting I think.  

Here he is in the largest rise setting, he has def hit a growth spurt in the last week, this fits way better. :-) So I believe it will fit him for a few more pounds.

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